About us

Our history

Drewmeks is a company which manufactures dining or kitchen tables and chairs and sofas. The branch of our company is in Pleśna, not far from Tarnów in Poland. We are in charge of manufacturing wood products from generations. Our start would be around year 1963 when first were manufactured minor kitchen things made out of wood. In 1994 was founded the company known today by the name of Drewmeks. We manufactured interior design articles, curtain hangers, stools and kitchen tables. Our company had a big turn starting with 2001 when we started manufacturing our first chairs for the foreign market. By the same time, our company has received the name and logo. Through the next years we started exporting our products to France, Greece and Romania. Thanks to that we were able to learn more about the tastes in furniture in other countries, which leads to our original models of our furniture. Starting then our catalogue grows bigger every once in a while not only with models of new chairs but also tables which helps everyone find a match to their own interior design.

Our targets