Partnership with shops and warehouses.

We continually try to improve and extend the area of our work, getting new clients, so that there would be as many people as possible enjoying the products of our company. That is the reason why we are open to new partnerships with shops, warehouses and trading partners, who would like to promote our products here in Poland but also on an international level. We focus primarily on long-term partnerships, integrity and development.

Our offer has a very rich variety of materials, up to date and always following the market trends (at the moment we have about 200 different materials) and also a wide choice of wood colors.
There is the possibility of corporation and the possibility to produce chairs according to your own projects or models in big quantities. Please fill in the contact form if you want us to discuss details.

At the moment we are looking for warehouses or brokers for a long-term international partnership.
If you are interested in a partnership with a thriving company which has a stable position on the Polish market and abroad, then contact us through the contact form or through e-mail.

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